Grid Mod_Neighborhood Illustration_5-05.png

Southern California Edison

In the winter of 2017, I was responsible for the development and production of a digital illustration campaign for Fortune 500 electric utility, Southern California Edison. I managed creative direction for visual narratives, infographics, and isometric maps used in print, motion graphics, video, and presentation channels. 

The campaign aimed to tell the story of Edison’s commitment to modernizing the electrical power grid in the future. The renewable energy initiative was targeted toward incentivizing consumers to generate their own clean energy.

Illustrations of residential and commercial settings sought to provide a visualization of important elements such as solar power, smart appliances, electric vehicles, and more.


Aside from creating the artwork, I was devoted to ensuring that we were telling a clear and cohesive story which was digestible to internal SCE teams and external customers.


Additionally, my time freelancing at SCE was spent on page layout design and the production of internal and external corporate communication deliverables.

Deliverables included: multi-page reports, postcards, newsletters, iconography, and data visualization.