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As a designer, I get my kicks from creating beautiful, easy-to-use products that exceed business goals and drive user engagement.

My interest is piqued at the crossroads of building better brands, engaging users, and developing dynamic visual storytelling. Meanwhile at the core of my process you’ll find a focus on innovation, pixel perfection, and good old-fashioned communication.

Throughout my creative career I’ve sharpened my skills in user experience (UX) design, graphic design, UI, layout, print, marketing, identity, branding, data visualization, and illustration.

Aside from design, my core strengths also include: a focused and goal-oriented approach, a flexibility to handle redirection while generating new ideas, and a sense of humor.

When I’m not pushing pixels or gripping a Micron pen, I can probably be found enjoying the great outdoors, socializing over some tasty suds with friends, vibing at a local concert, studying up on my German, or intently watching a Blazer game or round of Jeopardy.

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I am always open to freelance and/or collaborative endeavors. Drop me a line with any questions or inquiries! 

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